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It is claimed that the first Graduation, or bestowing of an honorary degree was in 1478 at Oxford University to Lionel Woodville for an honorary doctorate of canon law.  He was not a mere young intellectual student as one would imagine, but Dean of  Exeter and Edward IV's brother in law to boot!

These days not only do University Students Graduate, but is becoming common place for Primary schools, Secondary schools and so forth to have their 'Graduation Day' too - to mark their students 'moving on' to the next stage of their lives.  Graduation is becoming almost a Rite of Passage. Graduations give students a sense of being,  a sense of worth and of course something to strive for.  Teachers, Masters, Trustees and others closely associated with this are recognizing they need to celebrate and mark the special occasion. Having a bespoke Ice Sculpture is one way to make a statement on this momentous day.

An Ice Sculpture on Graduation day will never, ever be forgotten.



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