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Wedding Vodka Luge

Ice Sculpture for Wedding

A Wedding Vodka Luge : an ice sculpture for wedding is a design carved from a block of ice.  A Vodka Luge is same but with a channel drilled through the ice enabling drink to be poured through it.

Kneeling Elephant Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

A Wedding Vodka Luge

The purpose of a Wedding Vodka Luge is for fun, entertainment, guest participation and to create very long-lasting memories; just a few elements a Passion for Ice Vodka Luge brings to a wedding.

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Ice Luge Wedding

There are Luge and Ice Sculpture people. Brides and Grooms will have their leanings. Those that search for Ice Luge Wedding on Google are after a Vodka Luge.

Portrait format of a Double Hearts Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Making an Ice Luge Wedding Ice Block

When we make a block of ice (which takes around 7 long days), it emerges from the Ice Block Makers (IBMs) as a 1m x 1/2m x ¼m solid block of ice weighing in the region of 20 stone. Not even two or three of us can lift that sort of weight. 

1m x 1/2m x 1/4m block of ice ready for carving

We use hydraulic hoists and heavy-duty hydraulic trollies to move the ice around the workshop. From the Ice Block Makers to the freezer units (generally). 

Each block is at minus 20-23 degrees when emerging from the Ice Block Makers.  Without gloves, frost bite is a certainty and a daily hazard.  Did I mention steel-toe capped boots – another essential for everybody in the workshop. Safety first.

Luckily an ice block has never accidently fallen in all the years we have been making blocks and moving them around, but we are not taking any chances as there could always be a first time. Safe working practices are vital in the buisness we are in.

Once carved the ice sculpture or Vodka Luge (generally) ends up weighing around 11-13 -stone for a single ice block carving. We will keep the dimensions as far as possible as close to 1m x 1/2m x 1/4m original block size for a single Ice Block carving.  Multiple ice blocks will naturally be bigger but not necessarily be twice the size. The number of ice blocks needed for a sculpture will all depend on the shape and design wanted. This is the start of the Wedding Vodka Luge.  See wedding ice sculpture ideas

Ice Sculpture for Drinks

An Ice sculpture for pouring drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) is a Vodka Luge.  The only difference being a Vodka Luge has a channel drilled through the ice.

Most, but not all Brides and Grooms initially ask for a Vodka Luge as they (first hand by using one at another wedding or party) know how interactive a Luge is and can most certainly add a new dimension to their wedding.

Double Hearts in a Landscape format from Passion for Ice

For Weddings, there can be some religious objections (see Ice Sculpture for Wedding s). If there are no religious objections, teetotaller reasons or drink abstainers a Vodka Luge is a great item to have at a Wedding.

There are a few designs are not suitable for a Vodka Luge. If a bride and groom are set on a design or shape for their wedding and there is no room to drill a channel through the ice, all is not lost.  There are ways round it. 

One option is called a surface channel. Instead of drilling the Luge channel through the design, we would add extra ice (half block or more) and carve a channel into that additional piece.  The new ice section is then added to the main Vodka Luge sculpture.

There are multiple reasons why and Vodka Luge will be a huge hit and success at a wedding.

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How much are wedding ice sculptures ?                         

Many Brides and Grooms think a Vodka Luge or Ice sculpture will be out of their budget or price range. Not true.  Creative Designs start at or around £295.00.

Single Heart shape Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice


Naturally the bigger the design (using full or multiple ice blocks), they will be a tad more.

Weddings can be far more expensive than holding a birthday party, an anniversary or just a garden party at home. Weddings tend to be a big affair and are remembered far more than any other type of party (a big generalization, but more-or-less true).

Tip: Budget. Although setting a budget is recommended and a good idea, thinking through and discussing ideas and shapes with us will give a far better and more realistic price or even a price range to consider. Simple, bold  designs work best and will be cheaper.


Asking ‘how much are wedding ice sculptures’ from us is a relatively simple process to give an exact price. Gone are the days when, like most of our colleagues in the industry still do today, quote a price based on the complexity, size, design and so forth.  This can get highly complicated and pricey. This can be a ploy to get a tad more money out of you chaging an extra, £20, £30 or more for a little more detail or stating it will take extra time to carve.  We don't work that way. We're too busy!

Our price will depend on just a few factors.

  • How many ice blocks you require (1,  1 1/2, 2,  2 1/2, 3 etc)?
  • Where your venue is in the UK.  The further away your venue is from us (we are based in Coventry)  unfortunately it will be a tad more.  The key points being distance and time travelling. Fuel is naturally a factor to us but is included in the travelling / distance price.
  •  Whether the sculpture is to be CNC carved or hand-carved will also be a factor.

Average cost of a wedding ice sculpture

Just about every ice sculpture or Wedding Vodka Luge we carve is different, special and has its own criteria or specification.

Is there an average cost of a wedding ice sculpture or Wedding Vodka Luge?  This is a difficult question to answer.  The answer truthfully is ‘no’.   As a rough ball-park pricing, most (but not all) of our ice carvings generally fall within the £300-£400 price range.

Some bespoke designs can take literally days to create. These unfortunately are not in the £300 price bracket and will be a tad more..

A few ice companies will claim ‘Free delivery and set-up’. Unfortunately, a marketing ploy.  All deliveries cost money: staff (driver), fuel, time, wear, and tear on the freezer vans and so on and so forth.  Being ethical and above board, we always give a break-down of the general costs. 


Whether we include it within the price (hidden in the carving aspect of the quote) or price it separately, we feel by being open and honest anyone can see what each part of what we do costs. Carving, travelling/set-up.