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Delivery of your Sculpture

Excluding a few dates in the calendar, your sculpture will be delivered anywhere from 60-120 minutes before your function starts.  Depending on our delivery schedule it may be up to to a few minutes before the start.

The way we plan and execute our deliveries it is extremely rare we ever turn-up at the start of the function or after it has started.

We are human and like you and are thus subject to traffic delays, diversions, traffic accidents and of course, all manner of road side obstacles that are thrown at us everyday on our British Roads!  We use Satellite Navigation systems in our vehicles as well as listen to Traffic Update Reports. We really do our hardest to make sure everything runs smoothly and professionally on the day.

The Wrong Sculpture.
It has never happened, but you never know we may, just may one day pick up the wrong sculpture and deliver it to you by mistake.  Like any problems please tell us right away. If you are not physically present at the time of delivery (in the bar, getting dressed and so forth) a stipulation in our Terms and Conditions is that we must know within one hour of delivery.  If there is something wrong, we can travel one hour back and rectify the situation - if possible. After this time period, please note: we will not and cannot take any responsibility for any 'problems'.

If the Luge or sculpture delivered is totally not what you ordered (it is a reindeer instead of a Snowman,  for example), that is, it is totally or completely the wrong design, you will be asked if you wish to accept or reject the Vodka Luge / Ice Sculpture. The reason for rejection must be reasonable and not, for example that you have changed your mind and want a refund. This is not acceptable.


Mistakes - Human error
If for example, we have not made an Ice Sculpture into a Luge as you had ordered, you can choose to accept or reject the sculpture at the point of delivery. If you accept the sculpture there will be no redress for any refund or partial refund there after. If you reject the sculpture you will be entitled to a partial refund minus the travel expense.

Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and major Public Holidays
For these Festive and Public holidays we cannot guarantee an exact time of arrival.  We will not be late, just perhaps earlier than 'normal'.  Don't worry about melting, we will leave the thick insulation on the Sculpture which will considerably slow down the process.  We will also indicate other things you can do to help the situation. There are no timed deliveries on peak days.