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How To Stop Your Vodka Luge Melting

This is going to sound obvious (but NOT to everyone believe it or not) Vodka luges and Ice Sculptures are made from solidified water (we call it ice) and unfortunately ice will melt.

The 'average' ice sculpture can last (depending on the intricacy of the design) anywhere from 4 to 6 hours before they lose their shape (more or less). HOWEVER, there are a number of steps we take to make it last as long as possible.

Getting the sculpture to the venue in the best state is the first goal.

We use a refrigerated vehicle. Some companies just 'courier' the ice sculpture or do not use refrigerated vehicles at all. They rely solely on the 'bubble-wrap' to keep the sculpture frozen and ice cube bags propped-up against the sculpture. As you can imagine, the sculpture has begun its melting process.

We use all these methods - refrigerated van, bubble-wrap and ice cubes!

Refrigerated van for transporting Ice Sculptures

Refrigerated van (above) and Ice Sculpture bubble-wrapped (right)

At the venue...

Placing the block of ice (Ice Sculpture) directly onto a table is really not a good idea. Not only will it eventually slip off (and cause damage), it will melt and have water running everywhere!

Vodka Luge Drain Tray


A professiobnal DRAIN TRAY (pictured left) is required, not only for the Ice Sculpture to sit in, but also to catch the melting water.

Catching the melting ice is one thing, but with 130kg+ of ice rapidly melting, having a drain tray is not quite enough...

A Professional grade TUBING (meaning a tube that is big enough (diameter) and man-enough) to divert the melting water away from the dray is required.

Vodka Luge Drain Tray Tubing

How can one slow-down the melting process?

The first thing to aim for is to keep the sculpture as cold as possible during your party or function.

We suggest providing lots of ice - piled at the base of the sculpture/Luge. This will help in keeping the scuklpture's core temperature down.

Filling the Drain Trya with Ice Cubes Ice cubes in the Vodka Luge ice Tray

Throughout the evening it is a good idea to have bags of ice on hand to keep refilling the Drain tray. It's not obligatory, just a very good idea!

The Ice Sculpture/Vodka Luge will be delivered before your first guests arrive.

On arrival we will bring the sculpture into the venue and place it where you want it, however it is not a good idea to unwrap the insulation that surrounds the sculpture; removing that will start the melting process if the room is warm or of course you want to have it on view from then on in...

Aim to unwrap your sculpture approximately 30 (or so) minutes before you need it or want to 'show it off to your guests'.

Ice Sculpture Waiting to be unwrapped image

Why 30 minutes before it is required?

When the sculpture is unwrapped it will appear to be completely frosted (white). This is normal. After 20-30 minutes the frosting will disappear and be translucent - how it should be! Deopending on the ambient temperature, for example on a cool day in a marquee it can take considerably longer.

It is now ready to use. However AVOID the following:

  • Placing the ice sculpture next to central heating
  • Next to a window (on a warm or sunny day)
  • In a warm or hot room
  • In a place with little or no cooling ventilation
  • In an area with lots of 'hot bodies'

So, where is the 'best' place to locate a Vodka Luge or Ice Sculpture?

  • In a cool room or location
  • Near an air condition unit
  • Avoid hot lights just above the sculpture - try and use LED lights if possible

Things to remember:

Where ever the Vodka Luge / ice sculpture is placed - it WILL start to melt. Every-so-often check on the bucket underneath the table. When it approaches being full - empty it! It is surprising how many people forget to do this, until it's too late.

We want you to have the best possible time and the longest possible time with your Ice Sculpture / Vodka Luge.  We have lots more tips and ideas to make your party a complete success - call us, we'd love to talk with you.