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Vodka Luges and Ice Sculptures for Corporate events

Corporate Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Corporate events can follow many routes. The selection of either a Vodka Luge, Ice Sculpture, Twister or Ice bar will depend on a number of factors:

What is the event?

  • Evening Party or Ball
  • A Seminar
  • An exhibition
  • A product launch
  • An Opening of a new branch/store/office
  • A Publicity 'stunt'
  • An Open Evening for potential clients
  • A staff party
  • An evening reception for clients
  • An awards night
  • A Pamper evening
  • Sports event
  • Summer Ball
  • Winter Ball
  • Christmas Party

How impressive and spectacular do you wish the event to be?  As they say, horses for courses. Choose the right thing for the right job:

  • Vodka Luge
  • Twister
  • Ice Sculpture
  • Ice Bar
  • Ice Table decorations

We have years of experience to help and guide clients.  If you have never ordered a Vodka Luge before, don't worry we will help you every step of the way to make sure your event is exactly how you want it to be and our sculpture is as impressive and spectacular as you want it to be.