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Video Testimonials

After years of receiving written testimonials from our clients, we have just embarked on 'Video Testimonials'.  Over the next weeks, months and years of course, we will be adding more and more - hopefully demonstrating why clients order from us and why they come back time and time again.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Videos are not in any particular order. At some venues, unfortunately the organizer or person that we have been talking with (and e-mailing) is not always there to meet us.  Therefore we have only taken a picture (if we are able) and then left - so no Video testimonial.


Event: Charity Fund Raising Ball
Venue: Drayton Manor, Staffordshire
Sculpture: Carter The Brave
Client: Lucy Chatting
Event: 50th Birthday
Venue: Sussex
Sculpture: 50 - Steve
Client: Philippa Perry
Event: 50th Birthday Party
Venue: Wallingford, Oxfordshire
Sculpture: Greek Urn - 2
Client: Janet Singleton
Event: BDSA Annual Conference 2019
Venue: Aston Villa Foortball Club, Birmingham
Sculpture: BDSA Molar - 2019
Client: Hatty Wilcock
Event: Oxford Union Ball
Venue: Oxford University
Sculpture: Aslan - 1
Client: Nicholas Leah
Event: Oxford Union Ball
Venue: Oxford University
Sculpture: Aslan - 1
Client: Nicholas Leah
Event: New Years Eve Party
Venue: Nottingham
Sculpture: 2019
Client: George Bradley
Event: 21st Birthday
Venue: Solihull
Sculpture: "21" Half-size #2
Client: Katherine Smith
Event: Warrant Officers & Sargeant's Mess Ball
Venue: RAF Wittering
Sculpture: RAF Swooping Eagle
Client: WO Mark Day
Event: Birthday Party
Venue: Sidcup, Kent
Sculpture: SJ initials
Client: Steve Jolley
Event: Arabian Nights Party
Venue: Clanfield, Oxfordshire
Sculpture: Camel
Client: Jane MacPherson
Event: Birthday
Venue: Guildford Rugby Club
Sculpture: Butterfly
Client: Nicola Emerson
Event: 50th Birthday
Venue: Celtic Manor Hotel, Newport
Sculpture: 50 - with name carved
Client: Julie Whittington
Event: 40th Birthday
Venue: Surrey
Sculpture: 40 - with name carved
Client: Siobhan
Event: Michaelmas Ball
Venue: The Oxford Union, Oxford
Sculpture: Greek Urn
Client: Ed Evans