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How Many Bottles Of Vodka Do I Need For My Vodka Luge?

Vodka Bottle Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Easy question to ask, but not an easy answer to give.  But let's give it a go!

First some questions:

What glassware will you be using?

  • Shot glasses (25 or 30ml)
  • 'Old Fashion' glasses
  • Tumblers
  • Any glass to hand!
  • No glass

Let's assume it will be Vodka Shot Glasses.

Most UK shot glasses hold 30ml of Vodka (some 25ml). A 750ml bottle of Vodka can (potentially) pour 25 shots (of 30ml volume)

100 guests divided by 25 = 4 bottles
200 guests divided by 25 = 8 bottles

This allows each guest to have just ONE shot and of just ONE flavour only. At most parties the majority of guests (if they like it) will have multiple 'goes' and try different flavours. The more flavours one has the more interesting and exciting the Vodka Luge becomes.


Please bare in mind, there will also be 'wastage'. This factor will need to be calculated in (for everyone to 'have a-go'). How much wastage will depend on who and how you pour. To be safe, estimate anywhere between 10-15% wastage ratio. The later the party goes on in the evening, the more wastage (potentially) there will be!


Plain or flavoured?

The majority of users of Vodka Luges are not big Vodka Drinkers.  A Vodka Luge is a 'Tasting experience'.  As such, trying different flavours will be more pleasing, more satisfying and guest will really experience what a Vodka Luge is all about.

What flavours are available and are popular?

There has never been more choice on the market of Vodkas than today - and at varying prices.  The more expensive the Vodka, usually better the flavour and quality.  However there are some REALLY good Vodkas that are inexpensive.
Look out for supermarket special offers.  If you know your party is coming up within the next few months, purchasing the special offers can save an absolute fortune.  Don't wait until a week or so before the party to buy your drink.  This can cost and arm and a leg as you will be 'forced' to buy at the current price

Popular Flavours of Vodka

  • Vanilla
  • Raspberry
  • Lime
  • Peach
  • Mango

and so on.  What YOU like and the actual price will have a huge influence on what you purchase.  Non-flavoured Vodka tends not to be popular at most Vodka Luge parties.