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Your Ice Sculpture, Vodka Luge, Ice bar, Ice centre Table Pieces or whatever we make or supply to you will be delivered on the day specified in the Booking/Logistics/Contract form you sent back.

Timing of Delivery
We will do our utmost to deliver your ice piece prior to the start of your function.  However in some circumstances it may not be possible due to potential problems on the road and getting to your venue. If we have done everything in our power to get to your venue on time, we cannot and will not be held responsible for a 'late delivery'. If we are late for justifiable reasons there will be no refund partial or full.


We cannot and will not be responsible for the piece after we have delivered it. We make and deliver items primarily made of ice,  thus the items we deliver are prone to melting. For the degree and timing of the melting process - we cannot be held responsible. We encourage all clients to place the delivered items in to an area that is as cold as possible in order to prolong the life of the sculpture or ice piece.

Avoiding placing the ice piece(s) near to windows, central heating, warm air blasts and other sources of heat is desirable.  If this is not possible, we cannot and will not take responsibility for the time period of melting.

We suggest packing the base of any ice piece with cubed ice; this will to a point keep the core temperature down and potentially prolong the piece's life but this is not guaranteed as there are so many other factors to consider.

On the day of delivery, if we foresee a potential problem and thus being late for delivery, we will telephone the person on the Booking/Contract/Logistics form.  Using Satallite Navigation systems should enable use (within reason) to estimate an ETA.  We cannot and will not break the law with regards to speeding and any unlawful act whilst in the process of delivery.

Parking and Parking Fines
We will uphold the law and not commit knowingly any unlawful act. If you as our client have indicated where we can park to unload, as we do not know the area (generally) we will be guided by you.  However, if we have parked in an area indicated by yourself as 'safe and law abiding' and then receive a Parking Ticket as a result of your advice and guidance, the payment of the parking ticket will be for your account and must be paid within the stipulated time period as indicated on the parking ticket.

We will not park or unload in any dangerous or obviously not permitted places such as on double red lines, crossings, junctions and so forth.  If our vehicle is impounded or towed away, the release fee shall be at your expense.  This is part of the contract between us.

Public Liability Insurance
We will deliver and set-up your Vodka Luge/Ice Sculpture at the appointed time.  Once the Sculpture is set-up we will leave the venue, building or premises.  At this point our Public Liability for the sculpture and or all items we have delivered (free or otherwise) will cease.  The Public Liability will thus be handed over to the Hirer. This is part of our Terms and Conditions of Business.

We cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any mis-use, damage, drunkeness, illness resulting from the sculpture in the widest sense of the meaning and not just limited to these listed.