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Tiane 50 - Vodka Luge

Tiane 50 name Vodka Luge from Passion for Ice

Cinematographer James Nutt ( contacted us regarding his partner Tiane's 50th Birthday party. The theme was 'Hollywood Awards Night" - Tiane had a small part in Richard Curtis' film "Notting Hill" (also starring of course Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts). However, Tiane was the Star of the evening.  She is a lovely lady. Remember the scene where a young lady is pushing a baby in a push chair and the seasons change - one minute she is pregnant and then the next (as Hugh Grant battles the various seasons) she has had the baby - well, that was Tiane (pushing the baby, not the baby)!

The right Vodka Luge.

After looking and talking about many Vodka Luge designs, James decided to make it very personal and specific for Tiane.  A CNC carving of her name along with her birthday number. Being a cinematographer, his visual approach to selecting a Vodka Luge that would 'stand-out' be different and be well used during the evening (aka 'pouring a toast' through the Luge) - was spot on.

A CNC carved Vodka Luge name along with a birthday number is very personal to the birthday person - almost equivalent ot having your names 'up in lights'.  The Vodka Luge invariably is the centre of attention for most parties on several levels:  A visual / arresting image, a curiosity in having 'something created' in ice, a Vodka Luge - a drinking, fun games implement and last (but not least) it can follow the theme or ideas for the event or party.  For a Birthday, a Number "50" (for a 50-year old person of course) is simply great.  However couple that with their name - this is now very different and very personal.

The party was for close friends and family and was an enormous hit - held at the Hogarth in Chiswick, London.  Placed on the Bar, no one, simply no one could miss it when they either arrived in the room or went to the the bar to get their drinks.  Invariably whilst at the bar a shot or two was poured down the luge.  This Luge was well, well used.



Tiane 50 Vodka Luge

Tiane 50 Vodka Luge

Tiane 50 Vodka Luge


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