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Hen Nights

Hen Nights come in all shapes and forms from Naughty (the most popular theme in the UK today) through to dinner parties and 'Cocktails at home'.

Although in the main, most hen nights do not have more than 30 girls talking part (usually between 7 and 20 is the norm) it can be expensive to lay on entertainment and items like a Vodka Luge.  However, it is one night that the Hen and all the girls attending will never, ever forget.  It may be an expensive night, but one worth embracing and pushing the boat out for.

Over the years we have made almost every conceivable shape of Vodka Luge for Hen nights - from; names, animals, hearts, male torsos and almost everything in between. If there is a theme to your Hen night (or the one you are organizing for a Hen) fill in our on-line form and let's see what we can create for you.



Give us a call for a no-obligation discussion on what we can do for your party - telephone 02477 044 827 or email