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Masked Balls

Masquerade Balls during the 15th century were Royal affairs where the King and his courtiers could dress up in all their finery, wear masks and pretend to be someone else. There were many types of Balls from Bal des sauvages ("Wild Men's Ball"), Bal des Ardents ("Burning Men's Ball") to very formal Balls called Moriscos.

In the 16th century in Italy they attracted the gentry and upper classes; the idea caught on and began to appear at various festivities and events around the country.  Their appeal became wider as did the lavish costumes. Venice soon became one of the centres for Masquerade Balls - as it is today.  Each year in February hundreds of people flock from all over the world to attend the many Mask Balls held. Many are by invite only and can be very exclusive.

They are fun, lots of frivolity; are something different and do require guests to participate. A Vodka Luge can aide the fun and excitement.



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