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Snowboarding can be traced all the way back to 1910 when snow enthusiasts would tie wooden planks together (wider than a traditional ski) and throw themselves down hills. 

The modern Snowboarding invention and trend is credited to American Sherman Poppen in 1965 when he combined for his daughters two actual skis tied together and controlled by a rope for steering.  He called it "The Snurfer" - a play on 'Snow' and 'Surfer'. It caught on in a big way.  He sold the idea to a manufacturer whom then sold over a million in the following decade.

Snowboarding finally came of age when it was recognized as a sport and entered the Winter Olympics in 1998.  It is a growing sport seeing more and more people buying Snowboards and 'giving it a go'.

Creating a Vodka Luge in the shape of a Snowboarder for us was fun, exciting and something new - we love to creating new shapes and ideas that capture peoples' imagination and passion.



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